Frequently Asked Questions

About BetARMY.com
  • What is BetARMY.com? BetARMY.com is a website where video game players can find other users who want to play competitive games for money and prizes. Prior to the launch of BetARMY.com competitive gaming was challenging, you could play on XBOX LIVE or PLAYSTATION Network against random opponents, but not easily for money and prizes and the risk of not getting paid was very high. BetARMY.com has developed a safe, user friendly environment for gamers to find and compete against other video game players. By simply visiting the video game lobby on the site, a player will encounter a database with active matches to choose from, players can sort and filter the game lobby to find the exact game they seek, or create their own unique match. Once a player has selected a game, the challenge begins.

  • Does it cost money? Registration is free! Also, you can play for 100% free on the site by playing $0.00 matches against other players. BetARMY.com provides a service to help gamers find and play each other for money in a safe and fair way. We only charge a small service fee per match. This fee is calculated based on the match amount.

  • What games can I play? BetARMY.com is currently supporting games on XBOX, Playstation, WII, PC, and Mobile devices. All the games currently being offered are in the "Game Lobby". Generally, BetARMY.com will have the most current versions and the previous year's versions of the most popular games. We are constantly updating our game list to include as many games as possible.

  • Social Gaming. BetARMY.com encourages social interaction on the site. Each user has a comment wall, similar to social sites like Facebook, where other users can post comments. Friends can message each other and challenge each other to private matches, without the need of going through the public video game lobby.

  • Is it legal?. YES! This is 100% legal if you live in one of the states that allow it or outside of the United States. BetArmy.com operates in full compliance with US Federal and State Laws. Skill games have always been legal in the states in which BetArmy.com offers them. Video games involve predominantly skill, as opposed to chance, therefore they do not constitute gambling. Participation is restricted to individuals of legal age in their respective jurisdiction. The newest US Federal legislation -- H.R.4411 "Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006" Sec. 5362 defines illegal betting or wagering as including the purchase of a chance or opportunity to win a lottery or other prize. This federal legislation includes a specific allowance for online competitions in games of skill, such as video games, to continue in the US states in which they have always been legal. Although the distinctions between skill-based games and games of chance are clear, there are a few states within the U.S. that have not yet permitted skill-based games to be played for cash or prizes. For those states, BetArmy.com can be played, but only on a free basis without cash or prize offerings.
How it works
  • What do I need to play? Registration is free and you can play for free on the site. To get started, you must be 18 years of age. You must already have an XBOX LIVE, Playstation Network, Wii, Steam (PC) or Mobile account. We recommend playing online a few times before setting up a match on BetARMY.com to get accustomed to how it works. You must be a citizen or resident of a country that permits games of skill. In the United States, you must be in a state that permits games of skill. BetARMY.com does not permit residents of the following states to play matches for money or prizes: Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Vermont but you may play matches for free. Thats it!

  • How do I find a match? BetARMY.com has worked very hard to create a user friendly interface to make it very easy to find matches you want to play. We have created a Game Bet Lobby database where users can find matches by filtering exactly which console, game, bet amount they would like to play. If users don't find the exact bet they want to play, they can create their own bet, which will then be displayed in the public game bet lobby for other users to find and accept.

  • Can I play against friends? Yes! We encourage matches against your friends, near and far. You can add users as friends on your account, similar to social sites like facebook. Once a friend is added, you will be able to see if they are online and interact with them through comment walls and messages. You can also challenge your friends to matches directly without posting a public bet on the Game Bet Lobby.

  • How does BetARMY.com deals with cheating and disconnections? BetARMY.com has developed a comprehensive system to make the site safe and easy to use for all players. We have developed a player feedback rating system similar to auction sites like eBay. Perfect gamers are easy to identify because they will have a 100% feedback rating score which is visible to anyone on the site. If gamers try to cheat or have frequent connection issues, their feedback score will go down. This system helps identify potential problem players by giving them low feedback scores. BetARMY.com users also have a ranking status which increases based on how many games they have played. The higher the BetARMY.com rank, the more matches the user has played. Any user can see another user's feedback score, rank, and match statistics. You can read more about the player feedback rating system below.

  • Once a match has started, how do I find my opponent on the console? Each game is a little different, please refer to the directions and help videos for each game for the exact instructions. In general, once a match is "in progress", BetARMY.com will display your opponent's gamertag name. Write it down head to your console immediately to get the match started. (We recommend having your console turned on, logged in, and the game already loaded before the match goes live.) Follow the game direction provided your match info pop up. Once you find your opponent begin the match. BetARMY.com policy is that the match must begin no later than 5 minutes after the bet has gone live.

  • What happens if there was a problem? Problems happen. Games get disconnected, power shuts off, your girlfriend pulls the plug... If there is a problem, BetARMY.com feedback system allows each player to explain what went wrong and take the appropriate action. The answers will be compared and a decision will be made based on those answers. If users disagree on the outcome, the bet amount will be refunded minus the service fee, however a dispute will be added to each user's feedback rating which will negatively affect their feedback score. The more disputes a user has the lower their feedback score is, making it easy for legitimate players to identify and avoid. Once a users feedback rating score falls below a certain level, that users account will be suspended, pending review.

  • Do I have to deposit money into BetARMY.com? No, registration is free! Plus, you can play online for free. To play matches for money, you must deposit money into your account.

  • How do I deposit money into my account? You must be 18 years of age to deposit money into BetARMY.com. Depositing money into your account is easy. Simply click on the cashier link in your account profile and select deposit. BetARMY.com accepts all major credit cards and debit cards including VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, DISCOVER, as well as PAYPAL. Once you have deposited money into your account, you will be able to play matches for money against other players.

  • How do I withdraw money from my account? You can withdraw money from your account at anytime. Simply visit the cashier section in your account profile and click on withdraw. You will have two choices to select from, PayPal or Check. You will be prompted to enter the amount you wish to withdraw from your account. Minimum withdraw limits must be met to withdraw. Withdrawals will be subject to different withdrawal fees depending on withdrawal method.

  • How do deposit bonuses work? BetARMY.com regularly offers deposit promotions, including first time deposit bonuses, sign-up bonuses, and referral bonuses. These bonuses are deposited directly into your BetARMY.com account based on certain terms and conditions of each individual bonus promotion. Please see the details of each bonus promotion for more information.

  • Should" I have privacy concerns with having my information on BetARMY.com? No. BetARMY.com values our users' privacy above all else. We make sure to secure all information and nothing is shared with any other sites.

  • How does the Player Feedback Rating System work?" The system works very simply to help ensure a positive and safe competitive gaming environment. We based it on proven systems, like the "eBay" feedback system to help our players play matches without worrying about not getting paid or getting cheated. The system protects the players by rewarding fair play. A player's feedback rating score is visible to anyone on the site at anytime. After each match, players individually input the results of the match. The results are checked by the system and if everything checks out, the winner receives the money and both users receive a positive feedback point. Users should input their score as quickly as possible because the amount of time the player takes to input their result will affect their player feedback score. If a user does not input a result within a certain amount of time, the system will use the result of the opponent. If a user is dishonest and there is a "dispute" in the result, both players will receive their bet amount back and the users will receive a negative feedback point, which will lower their feedback score. 100% is a perfect feedback score. Negative points will lower that score and can be a result of unfair play, frequent disconnections, no-shows, or dishonesty. The more issues a user has, the lower their feedback score will be until that user is suspended from the site, pending a review. We take this very seriously and review accounts and matches often.

  • Is there any way to challenge a "dispute" or "disconnect"? Yes you may submit a claim from the link below to resolve a "dispute" or "disconnect". Depending on the game, we will check with the appropriate developer for the score to verify your match history. If we cannot verify the score in this way, You will need to upload a photo of the final screen including the score, your gamertag, and the other party's gamertag. You may upload as many pictures to support your claim as you wish. Our team will then open up a case and allow the other party to respond. If they fail to provide a picture of their own within 7 days, you will automatically win the claim. If they upload any photos to support thier claim then our team will analyse the photos for authenticity and determine the winner. The funds will then be appropriated and and dispute will be removed. The player found in violation of the rules will be banned.

  • What happens to a player that violates a rule? We take our feedback system very seriously. If a player is found to be in violation of any rules such as falsly creating "dispute" or "disconnect", or found to be cheating through Xbox or Playstation Live, their account will be immediatly suspended and banned from Betarmy. Any amount in their balance will be refunded.

  • What happens to players with a low feedback score? If a player falls below the 70% feedback score their account will go into a suspension pending a review period.

Player Ranking System
  • How does the Player Ranking System work?" In addition to a player feedback rating, players also have ranks, just link in the Army. New players will start at the lowest rank and players can rank up as they play more on the site. The more money games a player plays on the site, the higher their rank will go. A player's rank is visible to anyone on the site at any time and is a fair indication of how much that player has played on the site. in addition to bragging rights, higher ranks also give players different perks, prizes, and benefits depending on the rank. For example, BetARMY.com has a rank reward system which gives user's a pre-determined prize every time a player achieves a new rank. You can view the rewards from the ranking system details page.